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Accelerate Sales Training Inc. | Durham, NC

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Philip Gialenios of Sandler Training of Raleigh, NC conducts public and private workshops for corporate executives, business owners and/or individuals who find themselves in the sales/management role, helping them develop strategies and tactics to become more effective at revenue generation.

Why Choose Sandler Training of Raleigh, North Carolina as a Speaker?

Philip Gialenios is an engaging and entertaining speaker who is extraordinary at helping his participants overcome the roadblocks keeping them from reaching their definition of success. He feels if you know the "Why" you can overcome the "How."

Believing that humor is an important component of learning has led Philip Gialenios to develop a unique teaching style, which is both fun and interactive. This approach has earned Sandler Training of Raleigh, North Carolina many invitations to speak on topics of business development, sales management, sales, and leadership, both locally and nationally.

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Frequently Requested Topics

  • How to Build a Superior Sales Organization
  • How to Coach and Lead a Growth Mentality
  • Creating A Recipe for Success
  • How to Shorten the Sales Cycle