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Playing the Ace

The definitive guide to conflict resolution at work, at home, and everywhere else 

The Definitive resource

Luckily, there is a cure for conflict, but most people simply haven't discovered it

Playing The Ace

Disengage quickly and effectively from toxic conflict and drama.

A powerful, proven “no-pressure” process for dealing with conflict situations.

Defuse conflict at home and in the workplace.

Create stronger, more mutually fulfilling relationships with friends, family members, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, and random strangers who may be giving you a hard time for their own obscure reasons.


Playing the Ace

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About the Author

Tim Goering

Tim Goering draws on his experience as an aviator in the United States Marine Corps to develop innovative solutions for management that improve team leadership and motivation, create accountability, resolve conflicts and foster a positive work environment. He has helped firms large and small to significantly improve their business results through Sandler Training’s unique process of reinforcement training and attitudinal and behavioral change.